Activated Stallions

Sportpony Stallions Currently Activated for the 2023 Breeding Season

The offspring of these stallions are eligible for registration in the
NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry.

Mare owners planning to breed to one of these stallions should receive a copy of the stallion’s current 2024 breeding permit from the stallion owner.

We have seen that several stallion owners have listed their stallions in advertising as ‘approved with NASPR‘. Whereas this may be so, a stallion owner also needs to have a valid stallion breeding permit, and many of those advertised stallions have no renewed breeding permit for the current year. Only the stallions listed below are compliant with all rules and regulations affecting the future eligibility for registration of resulting foals for 2025.

For those interested in further information regarding the stallions listed below, the office will release an approved stallion’s cumulative score upon request. The office does not release individual scores on any stallion. Please contact the stallion owner for this information. You may request from the owner a copy of their stallion’s original score sheet.


 The activated stallions are listed alphabetically by their registered names. 

 Click on Stallion’s name to obtain detailed information
and please visit this site frequently for any additions.


Blue Dreamin’ Catadude
Activated for 2024