Awards Program

Become eligible to receive the fabulous awards and extra recognition you and your NorthAmerican Sportponies deserve!

The NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry (NASPR) has the ONLY diverse award program for Sportponies in North America. The Registry recognizes its NorthAmerican Sportpony accomplishments in Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, and Driving. It also offers awards to its NorthAmerican Sportponies who are competing in the largest segment of the American horse show circuit – Hunters.

In addition to having created a formal Hunter Breeding Program, the NASPR is the pioneer among registries to encourage the accomplishments of our American ponies the North American Hunter divisions. The NASPR initiated the largest and most extensive Hunter Awards Program and has been steadily expanding it.

To participate in the NASPR Awards program the pony must be registered with the NASPR and the owner/rider must be a member in good standing. A pony may be nominated in multiple divisions/levels with a nomination fee of $50.00 for each level/division (such as Breeding Dressage; Hunter – Large Green; Jumper, Eventer, Dressage – Trg, 1st, 2nd, PSG, etc., and Driving – Prel. Pairs, Interm. I; etc. etc.).

Complete and return the NASPR Awards Program Enrollment  form with enrollment fees to the Registry Office. Only show results obtained after nominations have been recorded in our office will be counted. It is the owner’s responsibility to send show results to the NASPR office by the end of October of each competition year. The awards to recognize the accomplishments of our NorthAmerican Sportponies are coolers, saddle pads, jackets, and more!

It is the Owners’ responsibility to verify their placings by Associations’ proper deadlines and forward all results to the Appropriate NASPR Officials before the submission deadline (which is the end of the resp. show season – October 31.). Please also consult the  Score Submission Requirements for Awards for details.

For 2023, in addition to our Hunter Show and Hunter Breeding Sponsorship,  the following awards will be presented in the Hunter divisions at recognized US shows, plus A & Trillium shows in Canada:

  • Children’s Hunter
  • Working Hunter
  • Green Working Hunter
  • Pony Hunter
  • Conformation Hunter

The following awards will be presented in the Jumper divisions:

  • Junior/Amateur Jumper
  • Children’s/Adult Jumper
  • Modified/Open Jumper
  • Training/Schooling Jumper

The following awards will be presented in the Eventer divisions:

  • Novice Level Eventer
  • Beginner Novice Eventer
  • Training Level Eventer
  • Preliminary Level Eventer
  • Intermediate Level Eventer
  • 3 star/4 star

NASPR Driving awards will be given in singles and pairs in all driving levels.

To enroll your pony in the NASPR Awards program, complete and submit the NASPR Awards Program Enrollment Form to the NASPR office prior to any competition. All memberships, recording and registrations must be active when scores/placings are earned. It is the NASPR member’s responsibility to submit all scores to the NASPR Awards Program Coordinator by the appropriate deadlines. Most awards categories are governed by the United States Equestrian Federation, and by their individual discipline and organizations. It is the members’ responsibility to verify that all information is correct and current with each organization by their appropriate deadlines. The NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry reserves the right to change, combine, split or delete any awards Divisions or Championships.


We invite exclusive American companies to promote American breeding through NASPR award sponsorship.
Please contact the NASPR Business Office for details on  how to feature your company HERE.

 Members are encouraged to participate nationally and regionally in
open competition in the following:
USEF Hunter and Jumper,International Hunter and Jumper Futurities
USEF & USDF Dressage, All Breeds, and DSHB
USEA Eventing
and ADS Driving awards programs.