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During the annual hurricane season from

August to October 30, 2023

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Marsalaí – A Foal ‘Butt High On The Day’

Marsalaí,  born March 2023, by a Kerry Bog Pony stallion
out of an NASPR registered Sportpony mare
Owner/breeder: Amy Cubera, MI

Never heard of a Kerry Bog Pony? It is a small pony, uniquely adapted to boggy ground.
Wikipedia  tells you more about it, if you are interested.



Video Inspections

Videographed inspections are a possibility to get your NorthAmerican Sportpony evaluated! Please submit the finished videos to us on CDs/DVDs, USB, and YouTube.

Details on the desired course of an inspection will be provided at the time of registration of your sportponies.

USEF Life Recording for 2023 Foals

As in the previous years, for 2023 sportpony foals USEF Life Recording is automatically included in their registration if paperwork is submitted to the Registry by the end of the year!

USHJA Microchip Rule in Full Effect as of Dec 1, 2018

Please be aware that as of the above date, ALL sportponies competing in classes which require USHJA registration will be ineligible to compete in Federation licensed competitions – unless the owner can provide a microchip number for the sportpony that verifies the animal’s identity.

To make sure, check your USEF account as to whether your sportpony has a microchip number registered.

NASPR will gladly provide microchips for all their previously registered sportponies. Owners with current membership can request a microchip using this  form.

We Announce the Passing of Makuba







It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of the legendary stallion Makuba at the ripe old age of 28 years.

Our condolences go to breeder and owner Klaus Biesenthal who brought Makuba to the United States from his parents’ farm in Germany. The two have been inseparable ever since.

In addition to having sired hundreds of spectacular foals, Makuba himself excelled in the two Olympic disciplines of Dressage and Driving. Within 3 years he advanced successfully in Dressage from Training to Intermediate I levels under two young riders. His driving skills led him to the US Driving Championships.

Among his offspring are such successful sons as Markus who became US Single Driving Champion and participated as a US Team member in the Driving World Championships in France .

Makuba’s son Magnum has taken his place both in the Dressage arena and in the breeding shed, with several promising youngsters on the ground already.

We feel privileged of having had Makuba as our First Foundation Sire and are looking forward to following his young son Magnum on his way to success both in the breeding shed and in the show ring.

Ownership Transfers

We want to alert you to the fact that more often than not the new owner of a sportpony does NOT transfer ownership into his/her name. Months or even years later, when these owners want to compete with their ponies they find out that the only way they can enter a show with their pony if the registration papers are issued in their name.

To remedy this situation, we recommend that the seller of the pony INSTEAD of the buyer submit the ORIGINAL Certificate of Registration to the NASPR office. By doing this, all parties concerned will avoid major chaos later on.

For further information please contact us. We are eager to help.

Who is the Rightful Breeder of a Horse/Pony?

The WBFSH has recommended the following definition:





“Unless there was a contractual agreement at the time of sale of a pregnant mare, whereby the rightful breeder of the foal in utero sold with the mare is clearly defined, the rightful breeder of a foal is the entity that owned and/or had full rights to the mare (…) and registered the foal upon its birth with a studbook to obtain registration papers.”