According to the new rulings, USEF/FEI and some of their affiliates now require across the board microchipping, i.e. for passports, registration cards, competitions, etc.

The NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry therefore offers its members the opportunity to obtain a microchip for their foals and all their registered ponies!

A microchip also identifies your pony in case it gets lost or stolen.

Our at-cost price includes the microchip and lifetime enrollment in the Equine Protection Registry EPR.

It is as easy as this:  NASPR will mail you the ordered microchip/s, enroll your pony in the EPR, and forward the microchip ID to USEF. The microchip ID will also appear on the Certificate of Registration for all newly registered sportponies. YOUR task is to have your veterinarian implant the microchip and return the filled in Microchip Implantation Certificate to our Office which gets the actual enrollment process started.

Here is the Microchip Order Form