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From the 2012 Royal Winter Fair
by Alison Morton
Just wanted to send in some pictures of Morton’s Jaguar from the Royal this year.  On Sport Pony day he was 3rd in the 3 and over gelding class, 2nd in the get of sire, 2nd in the progeny of dam and 3rd in the dressage under saddle.  I’m super proud of him as he gave me his all and was a star!  He’s only 3 and acted like he was a seasoned pro.  He’s such a good boy and I’m super proud to be owned by him :)  It was really nice to see such nice quality ponies in all of the classes.I was super happy with the judging and thought that Sherri did a wonderful job.  I heard a lot of positive things from the other members as well about her judging and the time she spent with each pony.  She said some really nice things about all of the ponies and it made the owners really happy and proud to be there.  I can’t wait until next year :)


From Alison & Ray Morton

We took our NASPR sportponies Morton’s Royal Doulton and Morton’s Bentley to Bromont CDE June 22nd to 24th in Quebec, Canada. They were entered in Preliminary Pair Pony division and after the first day we ended up second place for dressage (less than 2 penalties behind 1st place).

We tied for second place in presentation for all prelim and training entries (out of a total of 16 entries). We were told that we looked world class and our turnout was beautiful! The ponies went super fast and clean on marathon day and we won every hazard for our division and won the marathon by 10 penalties. We even had the fastest times in 2 out of the 6 hazards for all of the prelim divisions and ended up second place in marathon out of all prelim entries (including the single ponies, single horses and pair horses)!


Ray entered cones with a 8.18 penalty lead, and unfortunately his competition had one ball down and performed the deviation incorrectly and was eliminated. Ray went double clear in cones and ended up winning the Prelim Pair Pony division! Way to go boys! Ray was overall second place prelim entry, the winner being a single pony entry. Not too bad for a pair of ponies! What a beautiful facility and we had a great time in Bromont, Quebec!

We also showed them as American Sport Ponies (and I did hear it announced quite a few times over the speakers). Although we were the only sport ponies there, it was nice to hear! Even their numbers that went on their harness said their name, age and breed. It was pretty cool! Sport ponies rock !


Grace Holt and Five Oaks Socrates
Grace Holt’s mother, Robin, describes NASPR pony Five Oaks Socrates as “kind, safe, handsome, and flashy,” proof once again that good things often come in small packages. Grace is 4th in the USDF Preliminary Standings for Junior/Young Rider – Training Level.“In their very first recognized show, this spring in San Antonio Grace and Socs qualified for Championships in Training 3, Pony class. At their second show, put on by the Houston Dressage Society, they received scores in the mid to upper 60s each day and took home two blue and two red ribbons. At the latest show, Dallas Dressage Club Spring Shows I and II, Grace and Socs were Champion and Reserve Champion at training level. Grace says Socrates has taught her so much and that she feels like they are just getting better and better together.”

Five Oaks Socrates and Grace Holt Five Oaks Socrates and Grace Holt Five Oaks Socrates and Grace Holt
From Penny Rose, Toronto, Canada
Congratulations to Juliet Hubbard, Wellington, Florida on her purchase of 6 yr. old AWR Rio’s Romulus, upcoming jumper star. 4 yr. old AWR Rio’s Randolf has been sold to Randy Roy & Hunters Glen in King, Ontario for a career in the hunter ring. He qualified for both “Cup” classes at the 2010 Royal Winter Fair, placing 8th in the Lieutenant Governors Cup (under saddle) class (photo below). 3 yr. old AWR Fleur de Rio made her show debut in 2010, placing Reserve Champion Sr. Filly at the CSHA Breeders Championships (photo below). Last but certainly not least AWR Gwenos Welsh Rose was CSHA 2010 Champion Progeny of Dam. Thanks to Angela Morton, trainer and handler, and Ryan Roy, rider.

Rio's Randolph
Rio’s Randolf
Fleur de Rio
Fleur De Rio
From the California Dressage Society Central Office
NASPR-approved stallion Majestic Dakota (owned by Kathy Jefferson of Lower Lake, CA) has earned enough scores in his sporthorse classes to receive a CDS year end plaque. Majestic Dakota
From Jennifer Guidry
MercedesTo keep you updated, Mercedes (offspring of Makuba) qualified for the American Eventing Championships at Beginner Novice this year, which was held in Georgia. She and her rider, Ashley Guidry, competed against 65 other Junior riders and placed 1st.
From Alison Plumbtree, Sharon, Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to send in some pictures of USA Railside Roger That! (owned by Darlene Morton) for the Warmblood News.

USA Railside Roger That!USA Railside Roger That!USA Railside Roger That! Roger was very well behaved at a Welsh Pony and Sport Pony show held on June 26th and 27th at the Royal Riding Academy in Newmarket. He won all of his driving classes, won the North American Sport Pony Dressage Suitability Under Saddle class, won his 3 and over gelding class and was overall Reserve Champion! We have qualified for the Royal Winter Fairin November and can’t wait to represent such a great registry that will let adults ride and show off their amazing ponies!We took Roger to his first across borders show in July to Michigan to compete in the Metamora Pleasure driving show. Roger is a 4 year old Section C cob and he was only broke to drive in April. Though he is very quiet I wasn’t too sure how he would act at such a large and busy show. I have only driven a handful of times myself, so I entered us in the Novice driver division. The first day was a fun day as it didn’t count towards overall division points. It was a combined dressage test followed directly by a course of 20 cones. I was very happy with our dressage test (we even had a 9 for our back up!), being my first and his first driven dressage test ever. I knocked down 3 balls (all my fault of course!) and we were 6th overall out of 12 horses and ponies. The next day we had our Reinsmanship class where I received a 3rd place. I then had a Ladies to Drive class which 8 horses and ponies entered. We were 3rd and I was very proud of Roger as he took everything in stride! I had a cones class right after a ring class and we were the fastest and we went clean so we won our class! Later that evening I had a Cross Country Pace class and we came in 2nd. The last day I had our Turnout class which we won. We then had another cones class which we on yet again! The last class of the day was our Working class. Roger was very tired after his busy last two days, not to mention the 100F weather! We came 3rd in the working class and we were overall Novice Driver Champion! Needless to say I was very proud of Roger for his first really big show!
From Alison Plumbtree and Ray Morton of Sharon, Ontario, Canada
This past August we competed at the Iron Horse CDE in Illinois with our pair of prelim ponies Morton’s Royal Douton and Morton’s Bentley. Ray had a nice dressage test and was in third place out of six pair of ponies. Ray was fast on marathon day and had the fastest time in 4 out of the 5 obstacles and won the marathon which put him up to 2nd place only 2 points behind 1st place. When warming up for his cones class we heard a terrible clunking sound. They were just about to call us into the ring and we broke our back spring! I took the reins and Ray checked out the damage and decided that it wasn’t as bad as we first thought. He grabbed our handy electrical tape that we always keep in the back of the carriage and taped up the spring. Ray put in a double clear round in cones (only a few were able to do this) with a broken carriage! The pair that was in first knocked a few balls down and had time faults. Ray won his class by over 20 points! Mortons Royal Doulton and Mortons BentleyMortons Royal Doulton and Mortons BentleyMortons Royal Doulton and Mortons Bentley