Foaling Season has arrived!

In order to have your foal pictures posted on the website the following protocol must be followed:

  • The email address for accepting photos is: Photos sent to any other email address may or may not be received for publishing.
  • ALL nursery submissions are required to have a completed NASPR Registration Application on file with applicable fees paid before photos will be posted for public viewing.
  • Photos must be labeled with foal’s name and the subject line of email needs to read NASPR nursery photo.
  • Photos should be at least 150dpi and a minimum of 300 pixels in at least one dimension. Larger is better for excellent quality.
  • Please include name of sire and dam, breeder, and owner.
Cartier Call Me Silver
DRF Dee Dee
HK’s Danny Boy / DRF Alexandra
Breeder: Janet Johnson, Dayton Ridge Farm