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The NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry is proud to again participate in the US Dressage Finals High Score Breed Awards. The high score breed awards are a valuable opportunity for additional recognition available at the 2015 US Dressage Finals, to be held on November 5-8, 2015 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.

There are four awards offered, two high-score awards for adult amateur riders, one for the national levels (Training through Fourth Levels combined) and one for the FEI Levels (Prix St. Georges through Grand Prix combined). There will also be two high-score awards for open riders, one for the national levels and one for the FEI Levels, as described above.



USEF affiliate

As per agreement with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), NASPR registered foals  beginning with the foal crop of 2015, will automatically become USEF life recorded as part of the regular NASPR registration fee. The NASPR is pleased to offer this added value to our members.

The partnership between the NASPR and USEF will allow both organizations access to accurate data for both pedigree and performance. The NASPR will provide USEF with full breeding data on each foal and, in return, the USEF will provide the NASPR with a USEF life recording number for each foal that will be noted on NASPR registration papers. In addition the owner will also receive a life recording certificate from the USEF.


We find us on fb_1have created the NorthAmerican Sportpony group. A place for our NASPR Members with their NASPR registered sportponies to communicate. Have a look and join!  Support your Community and make it stronger!



We are receiving more and more inquiries from mare owners in search of a matching stallion. Mare owners have to make their choices now. As soon as you as the stallion owner have purchased the 2015 Breeding Permit, we can place the stallion on the Stallion Roster so that he can be considered for breeding. NOTE: The deadline for the Stallion Breeding Permit renewals 2016 will be December 31, 2015!  Permits renewed after January 31st , 2016, will be subject to an additional $75 fee. Permit renewal applications are available for download under “Forms & Documents” .

Renew your NASPR Membership NOW and Enroll in Our Awards Program

Not yet renewed your Membership for 2016? As of April 1st , 2016, your membership will cost $70.00. Go to “Forms & Documents” and download your membership application form today! Red Fish Blue Fish AwardWant to compete under our National NASPR Awards Program and win one of our attractive prizes?! Here you will find the Enrollment Form.





 USDF Reminder

All-Breeds Awards Declaration Deadline The deadline to declare a horse for the 2015 Adequan®/All-Breeds Awards Program is still pretty far away. But if you wish to declare your horse for the program, USDF must receive a copy of the horse’s breed/performance registry papers, and the All-Breeds Awards Declaration Form, by August 1, 2015.



The NASPR participates in the USDF All-Breeds Awards Program 2015

In 2015, the Registry will again recognize the Champion and the Reserve Champion of the various levels of the Open Division from Training through Grand Prix. In addition, up to five placings will be recognized in all optional categories.  To be eligible for participation in the USDF All-Breeds Awards Program, ponies must be registered with the NASPR, shown as NASPR ponies, and their owners must be current NASPR members in good standing.  Please refer to the USDF website for the rules and the details on the Open Division and the Optional Categories. Important note: Please make sure that your sportpony is NASPR registered and entered in the USDF All-Breeds Awards program 2014 as a NASPR sportpony and shown as such. And please check if your NASPR membership is current. Because only then will you and your sportpony be eligible for the awards!


Dressage at Devon, 2015

Dressage at Devon In 2015 the NASPR will again be the sponsor of a NorthAmerican Sportpony Class. The date for the IBC class is Thursday, September 29 – Oct 4, 2015.

To be eligible for participation in the Dressage at Devon NASPR class, ponies must be registered with the NASPR, shown as NASPR ponies, and their owners must be current NASPR members in good standing. Please check the Individual Breed Classes section of Dressage At Devon for more details as they become available.


To Our Proud Foal Owners We have the Breeders’ Directory with a Nursery section on this web site. You are welcome to show your foals there once they have been registered. Please check the technical submission requirements.