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USEA FEH Yearling West Coast Champion 2017

The 2017 USEA Future Event Horse West Coast Championships are underway. The Overall Yearling Champion is Megan Bittle's NorthAmerican Sportpony stallion BlueDreamin CMeFly (BlueDreaminCatadude x BlueDreamin...

Who is the Rightful Breeder of a Horse/Pony?

The WBFSH has recommended the following definition:         “Unless there was a contractual agreement at the time of sale of a pregnant mare, whereby the rightful breeder of the foal in utero sold with the mare is clearly defined, the rightful breeder of a foal is the...

National Dressage Pony Cup 2017

SPONSORING AGAIN THE NATIONAL DRESSAGE PONY CUP this coming weekend! Several of our NASPR sportponies will be there to compete for the awards. Good luck and have lots of...

2017 Inspection Tour

Register your ponies now and check the most convenient inspection sites.

Membership Benefits

  • Sponsorship programs designed to place members’ sportponies in the public eye.
  • Awards Program to encourage its members to actively show their sportponies.
  • Promoting a demand in the marketplace for the products of our members’ breeding programs.
  • Careful selection and grading of breeding stock through professional NASPR inspections.
  • Educational programs, materials, and curriculum that will position the North American Sportpony Registry as a leading resource organization.
  • North American Young Breeder’s education program to give young people who want to become professional sporthorse breeders an advantage and opportunities to test their skills.

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